A data processing toolkit to support cyber security decision makers

[Editor: Georgios Kokkinis & Dimitris Kavallieros |KEMEA]

SAINT project is developing automated tools for the detection of cybercrime activities. These tools are the SAINT Social Network Analyzer (SNA) and the Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) crawler. The goal of these tools is to identify, retrieve and analyse useful information in terms of fighting cybercrime and assist cybersecurity experts and policy makers.

The Finnish Regulator FICORA: A Cybersecurity Reference Model

[Editor: Latif Ladid |University of Luxembourg]

From SAINT’s own findings, Finland ranks as one the most cyber secure nations in the world with a host exploit of just 14.3 from a scale of 1000 and ranks 221 country among the 224 countries investigated (Note:lower the number = higher the cyber threats mitigation).

Read the full article with all findings and explanatory images here.

Privacy, Secrecy and Anonymity - omniSecure Forum Encryption: A Challenge or an Opportunity

[Editor: Stefan Schiffner |SECAN Lab, University of Luxembourg]

This Blogpost is a short summary of a discussion panel of a privacy advocate and a law enforcement representative at omniSecure. While written from the perspective of the privacy advocate, it is still an attempt to present a balanced view.

Latif Ladid talks about SAINT on Luxembourg Internet Days 2017

[Editor: Stefan Schiffner |Unversity of Luxembourg ]

Our SAINT-colleague Latif Ladid from Université du Luxembourg closes day 1 of the 2017 Internet Days. In his keynote, he brings the challenges of the new Internet into the picture. A Multi-Billion Nodes network will run on IPv6 to give every node a unique identifier. That will enable a new two-way internet, where resources are shared much agiler than today. While this can improve the user experience, it also raises new challenges in privacy and security.

An Interesting Challenge

[Editor: Christopher Hemmens | Mandat International]

Exploring the economics of cybercrime has been a fascinating journey. Realistically, a lot of it comes down to basic business - you see a hole in the market, and you fill it. Unfortunately, when that particular hole falls in the area of criminality, ingenuity has to come into effect and new techniques and strategies have to be used to avoid law enforcement agencies and still turn a profit.

Saint’s new Social Network Analyzer

[Editor: Vasileios Vlachos | Technology Institute & Press "Diophantus" ]

Twitter is the platform of choice for security researchers, professionals and practitioners. All the latest developments on security incidents such as new attacks, data breaches, new strains of malware, cybercrime activities etc are been discussed in the Twitter. The CTI team is working on a powerful Twitter Analyzer which is able to extract trends of security related tweets and to identify important pieces of information.