National Center for Scientific Research “Demokritos” (NCSR “Demokritos”), Integrated Systems Laboratory (ISL) Greece


The National Center for Scientific Research “Demokritos” (NCSR “Demokritos”) is the largest multidisciplinary research center in Greece, with critical mass in expertise and infrastructure in the fields of Nanotechnology, Energy & Environment,
Biosciences, Particle and Nuclear Science, Informatics and Telecommunications. The National Center for Scientific Research “Demokritos” is an autonomous Legal Entity of Public Law supervised by the General Secretariat for Research and Technology
(GSRT), while preserving its administrative and financial independence. The NCSR “Demokritos” conducts world-class basic and applied research, for advancing scientific knowledge and promoting technological development in selected areas of national
socio-economic interest. The Center also plays a pivotal role in graduate education and professional training and its unique infrastructure is employed for high-technology services to the Industry and the Society. NCSR “Demokritos” consists
of five (5) institutes while each institute consists of different labs. In MARINE-EO participates the Integrated Systems Laboratory under the Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications.

Integrated Systems Laboratory (ISL)

The Integrated Systems Laboratory (ISL) is part of the Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications (IIT), one of the five Institutes of NCSRD. ISL has accumulated substantial expertise and is actively involved in many areas of information technologies
and telecommunications, including GIS, location-based services and mobile location-based services (including journey planning), indoor and outdoor asset positioning and tracking, 3D modeling and reconstruction. ISL has significant expertise
in Integrated Maritime Surveillance as of their involvement as WP leader in two major FP7 projects: PERSEUS –FP7-SEC-2010.3.1-1 and EUCISE2020: SEC-2013.5.3-2 and one DG-MARE project: Hellenic CISE: MARE/2014/26.

Computer Technology Institute and Press DIOFANTUS – CTI Greece

CTI is one of the major research and development institutes in Greece. Currently it employs more than 250 people: experienced and specialized scientists (including faculty members of the Department of Computer Engineering
and Informatics at the University of Patras), engineers, PhD students, and supporting staff. In the last 5 years, CTI has undertaken more than 85 research and development projects (53 of which were funded by the EC). It has exhibited substantial
research activity in algorithmic and optimization related areas. CTI is also intensively cooperating with both the public and private sector and serves as the official consultant of the Greek State. CTI offers excellent computing and office
facilities. The team involved in this project will work within CTI’s Research Unit 1 (RU1) that conducts research in the Foundations of Computer Science and their Relevant Technologies and Applications. Basic thematic areas of interest include
important aspects of algorithms and complexity such as parallel and distributed computing environments including wired and wireless networks, sensor networks, and ad-hoc networks, algorithmic aspects of networks, probabilistic techniques, approximation
algorithms and computational complexity. RU1 maintains the Sensor Networks Research Laboratory (Sensors Lab) consisting of smart devices of a variety of technologies, serving as a test-bed for implementing and evaluating theoretical results.
The Sensors Lab aims at the design and implementation of efficient algorithms, the development of real experimental sensor networks and sensory software (application development environments, middleware and simulation software) and the deployment
of real sensor networks applications. Several algorithms and systems have already been developed. Research Unit 1 consists of 7 Faculty Members, 9 PhD Researchers and 20 Engineers-PhD Students.

University of Luxembourg – UL Luxemburg

The Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Turst (SnT) launched by the University of Luxembourg targets research and PhD education in Security, Reliability and Trust. SnT provides
a platform for interaction and collaboration between university researchers and external partners (industry/institutes/government). The overall aim of SnT is to become an internationally leading research facility that together with external
partners establishes Luxembourg as a European centre of excellence and innovation for secure, reliable, and trustworthy ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) systems and services. To create an impact, an interdisciplinary research
approach is essential, taking not only technical aspects into account but also addressing business/organizational, human/user, and legal/regulatory issues. Together with key stakeholders (Ville de Luxembourg, HotCity,
Centre de Communications du Gouvernement Luxembourg, Ministry of Economy Luxembourg, SnT has set as one of its key focal areas, the Future Internet Public Private Partnership launched by the European Commission,
where it intends to be a key player offering, security and trust expertise, security test beds and large scale citywide test beds.

Center for Security Studies – KEMEA Greece

The Centre for Security Studies (KEMEA) is a think tank on homeland security policies and an established research centre since 2005 (L. 3387/2005) within the Hellenic Ministry of Interior and Administrative Reconstruction
(former Ministry of Public Order and Citizen Protection), aiming to support security policy implementations in Greece at a strategic level.

More specifically, the activity of KEMEA includes a). the certification of practitioners of private security professionals at the national level, b). research and development in context of National and European projects in close cooperation with LEAs,
working under the auspices of the Ministry of Interior and c). training of practitioners in new systems and technologies. The Centre also provides advisory and consulting services to the Ministry of Interior as well as to other Public and Private
authorities on safety and security issues.

A main objective of KEMEA is to bring together all national Law Enforcement Agencies (Police, Fire Service, Coast Guard, Civil Protection agency, etc.) and to enable them to collaborate, interconnecting them with corresponding agencies, research institutions
and the industry from around Europe. This dedicated approach to exploring synergies, establishing communication links and working together to produce enduser driven research on all fronts of the Security Sector during the last decade, has earned
KEMEA its participation in numerous National and EC R&D projects. In addition, KEMEA is strongly involved in domain analysis, collaborative design and ethical, legal and social issues (ELSI) while results are disseminated through workshops organized
by KEMEA, as well as via a strong presence in International Scientific and Thematic conferences.

Mandat International – MI Switzerland

Mandat International is a foundation and research centre, which has a special consultative status to the UN and is a member of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU-T), where it serves as Rapporteur on emerging technologies for the Internet
of Things and Smart Cities (SG20). It is hosting the secretariat of the IoT Forum and is co-chairing the IEEE Subcommittee on IoT. It is a member of the IPv6 Forum, Internet Society, the Geneva Environment Network, and the UN Global Compact.
MI has over 20 years of experience in project management, including UN funded projects. MI has initiated and coordinated the IoT6 and
IoT Lab FP7 research projects, as well as H2020 Privacy Flag and F-Interop, and has
contributed as research partner in several other IoT-related research projects. MI developed a specific expertise on personal data protection, the Internet of things, IPv6 networks, multiprotocol interoperability, crowdsourcing and green and
smart buildings enabling energy efficiency. In parallel, it benefits from a multidisciplinary profile, being active in domains such as environment, sustainable development, human rights, and international law, including a specific expertise
on personal data protection with several scientific articles published.

Archimede Solutions SARL - AS Switzerland

Archimede Solutions SARL is a SME specialized in research and innovation, expertise and services. Archimede Solutions coordinates a network of European Experts and a certification
programme on privacy ( Archimede Solutions is a research partner of the H2020 Privacy Flag European research project, in charge of developing a crowdsourcing-based privacy protection solutions
and a personal data protection certification model. Archimede Solutions has been coordinating the development of the Universal Device Gateway research project with a consortium of SMEs and universities. The Universal Device Gateway technology
enables multi-protocol interoperability among all kinds of communicating devices. Its technology enables the integration of heterogeneous systems and devices using all kinds of communication protocols, and turns the connected devices into interoperable
ones. The UDG technology is also used to integrate legacy systems into IPv6 and M2M protocols, including CoAP. Its architecture is fully IPv6 compliant and is designed to support large scale deployments, including smart cities. Archimede Solutions
is also leading the research and development of an innovative cross-cultural iconic language. Archimede Solutions is managing a network of international experts encompassing several
domains, including the Internet of Things, IPv6 and innovation. Finally, Archimede Solutions is active in vulgarization activities and organizing public exhibitions, including in collaboration with various European museums.

Stichting CyberDefcon Netherlands Foundation - CYBE Netherlands

CYBE has two main operations (a) A non-profit research centre and (b) also an SME dedicated to the pursuit of making the Internet a safer place. CYBE’s unique mix of community-based research, services and products provides clients and partners
with the tools and information necessary to prevent, resolve and analyse cybercrime. CYBE’s, “before they happen”, cyber alerts provide the means to: prevent loss of business, militate against cyber-attacks, manage risks and vulnerabilities,
and optimise and improve threat analysis and abuse response practices. CYBE’s work with some of the largest web hosts and registrars provides an insight into the nature of some of the ‘most-difficult-to-solve’ web vulnerabilities. This work
underpins CYBE’s belief that “all cybercrime is hosted somewhere”, and provides the basis for the “World Hosts Reports” and the tools ‘SiteVet’ and ‘WebCheck’. The CYBE team further believes that major innovative technologies can be developed
from this type of research, an area that is currently overlooked, and which can lead to significant improvements in cyber security. CYBE’s participation in the EU projects ACDC, SWEPT, CyberROAD and SISSDEN provides a platform for integration
into the PICASSO project and a course for progression and exploitation of outcomes.

Montimage EURL - MNTMG France

Montimage is a French SME created in 2004. It is well known for its research and innovations in the field of network and application monitoring and analysis. It proposes its know-how and tools for helping developers and operators improve the quality
and reliability of their software and systems. The core business of Montimage is developing tools for monitoring and testing networks, applications and services; in particular, for the analysis of functional, performance and security aspects;
and, for improving context awareness and end-user trust. Montimage's flagship tool (MMT) allows the capture of telecommunication packets, as well as any structured messages, for performing traffic analysis, estimating quality of user experience
(QoE), analyzing security and detecting/mitigating security attacks. It uses deep packet inspection (DPI), statistics and machine learning techniques to classify communications and analyze the behavior of traffic and applications.

Incites Consulting SARL – INCTS Luxemburg

INCITES CONSULTING SARL is an SME company established in Luxembourg. INCITES CONSULTING SARL was founded on May 2013 and its main activities rely on telecommunications techno-economics, regulatory economics and policies, demand forecasting, business
and price modelling. INCITES CONSULTING SARL experts have a profound experience in telecommunications systems and techno-economics with a rich collection of papers in scientific journals and conferences while they have participated in numerous
International projects. The objectives of INCITES CONSULTING SARL can be summarized as follows:

  • Consulting services regarding techno-economic analysis of telecommunications networks and services, demand and prices forecasting of telecommunications products and services, uncertainty management in telecom investment.
  • Consulting services on financial regulation and financial investment in telecommunications.
  • Provision of consultancy services for the development of bottom-up and top-down models for telecommunication networks for regulators, government agencies, telecommunications providers and associations.
  • Provision of consultancy services for the development of bottom-up and top-down models for telecommunication networks for regulators, government agencies, telecommunications providers and associations.
  • Research on new business models and techno-economics methodologies
  • Development, operation, commercialization and support of specialized software tools and components for all the above purposes.